5K Run

Chatham's Leto races to second in Firehouse Pizza 5K

Chatham's Greg Leto paced a large contingent of local residents to the finish in the 8th Annual Firehouse Pizza 5K Run on Saturday in Madison. The 48-year old crossed the line second overall in the field of 122 runners who completed the 3.1-mile course that started at Madison High School and ended at the Cheshire Home in Florham Park, turning in a clocking of 17:56. The proceeds from the event went to the Cheshire Home which opened in a 1981 as a residential and rehabilitation facility for young, physically disabled adults.
Florham Park's 25-year old Stephanie Schlofeldt was the first local distaff competitor, winning the women's 20 to 29-year old age division with a clocking of 24:44. Picking up a runnerup award in his age bracket was Boonton's 43-year old Peter Tummey while finishing in third place were Mountain Lakes' 19-year old Christian Bright and Rockaway's 75-year old Arch Seamus.

A most remarkable feat occurred in the men's 30 to 34-year old age group when 34-year old Darren Creran of Rockaway captured the first place award with a clocking of 21:46. Creran, a physically disabled adult, competed in a wheel chair that was pushed along the course by 43-year old Barry Lass of Morris Plains, a member of the Rose City Runners Club of Madison.
Madison's 12-year old Erik Anderson won the boys' 12 & under age division with a time of 22:58 and 34-year old Samantha Harvett was fastest to the finish in the women's 30-34 bracket with a clocking of 26:42. Madison's 50-year old Bruce Carpenter picked up the first place award in the men's 50 to 54 competition with a time of 21:48 while Chatham's 50-year old Tara Ding captured the first place ware in the women's 50-54 age bracket with a clocking of 24:26. Madison's Norren McManus led the 55 to 59-year old women to the finish in 47:32 and Chatham's 73-year old Shirley Pettijohn placed first in the women's 70 & older age division with a time of 39:12.

Picking up runnerup awards were Madison's nine-year old William Hendrickson, 32-year old Bill Morrison, 38-year old Angelo Cilenti, 41-year old Jennifer Hendrickson plus 50-year old Marcia Postallian. Finishing in third place were Florham Park's 38-year old Deanna Galante along with Madison's 36-year old Steven Mocko and 40-year old Melissa Griffie.
Nick Lardieri, who has owned Firehouse Pizza for 16 years, created the race eight years. "The Cheshire Home is our neighbor so I wanted to do something that would assist their operation," said Lardieri. "The race not only raises funding but also draws an awareness to the facility. I want to do more and look forward to expanding the scope of the race."

8th Annual Firehouse Pizza 5K Run

1. Mark Lorello, Budd Lake, 17:28; 2. Greg Leto, Chatham, 17:56; 3. David Huse, Princeton, 18:06; 4. Jovier Skwara, Wharton, 18:16; 5. Mark Herndon, Basking Ridge, 18:21; 6. Robert Ryon, Summit, 18:34; 7. Fabio Rico, Summit, 19:17; 8. Larry Dickerson, Somerville, 19:33; 9. James Huber, Verona, 19:42; 10. Brian Davenport, Lake Hopatcong, 19:48; 11. Karyn Layton, Florham Park, 19:52; 12. Janet Patterson, Morristown, 20:05; 13. Peter Tummey, Boonton, 20:41; 14. Alan Huse, Princeton, 21:16; 15. Jessie Nitkowski, Randolph, 21:17; 16. Antonio Grazina, Newark, 21:27; 17. Bruce Carpenter, Madison, 21:37; 18. Angelo Cilenti, Madison, 21:42; 19. Darren Creran, Florham Park, 21:46; 20. Barry Lass, Morris Plains, 21:48; 21. Rich Holland, Flanders, 21:48; 22. Bill Morrison, Madison, 21:50; 23. David Cupo, Morristown, 21:52; 24. James Honrahan, Madison, 21:54; 25. Thomas Olivo, Morristown, 21:59; 26. Luo Grunfelder, Florham Park, 22:00; 27. Peter Lee, Randolph, 22:07; 28. Erik Anderson, Madison, 22:27; 29. Edward Neighbour, Sparta, 22:28; 30. Joey Coccia, Morris Plains, 22:37; 31. Stephanie Schlofeldt, Florham Park, 22:42; 32. Michael Lamb, Convent Station,22:43; 33. Donald Daborn, West Orange, 22:46; 34. John Miseo,Kenvil, 22:49; 35. Gary Laskowsko, Randolph, 22:49; 36. Tara Ding,Chatham, 22:51; 37. William Hendrickson, Madison, 22:58; 38. Jennifer Hendrickson, Madison, 23:01; 39. Gale Grennan, Morristown, 23:02; 40. Evan Scala, Livingston, 23:27; 41. Roy Redmond, Madison, 24:07; 42. Cody Anderson, Ringwood, 24:15; 43. Bill Lyng, Hackettstown, 24:16; 44. Tom Dolan, New Providence, 24:21; 45. Marcia Postallian, Madison, 24:26; 46. George Becker, Succasunna, 24:28; 47. Melissa Griffie, Madison, 24:31; 48. Ronald Brown, Florham Park, 24:32; 49. Steven Mocko, Madison, 24:38; 50. Bob Hanna, Madison, 24:40; 51. Sarah Amato, Rockaway, 24:44; 52. Barbara Rauschkolb, Ledgewood, 24:58; 53. Christian Bright, Mountain Lakes 25:02; 54. Julianna Rush, Little Falls, 25:10; 55. Jim Whitney, Englishtown, 25:15; 56. Lisa Davenport, Lake Hopatcong, 25:23; 57. Scott Collins Morristown, 25:24; 58. Steven Neinstadt, Clifton, 25:26; 59. Richard Chermela, South Orange, 25:44; 60. Paul Amato, Rockaway, 26:00; 61. Ali Papier, Chatham, 26:11; 62. Daniel Mack, Whippany, 26:16; 63. Samantha Harvett, Madison,26:42; 64. Gabor Nagy, Morristown, 26:43; 65. Rick Wasky, West Orange, 26:47; 66. Scott McClester, Florham Park, 26:57; 67. Deanna Galante, Florham Park, 26:59; 68. Paul Rabinowitz, Morristown, 27:25; 69. Darren Rabinowitz, Morristown, 27:26; 70. Anthony Scarpino, Cedar Knolls, 27:34; 71. Matt Coccia, Morris Plains, 27:34; 72. Andrea Sanders, Madison, 27:35; 73. Barbara Morany, West Orange, 27:45; 74. Alan Andreas, Madison, 27:52; 75. Edward Rowland, Madison, 28:09; 76. Christi Danisher, Florham Park, 28:33; 77. Jennifer Marano, Somerset, 28:34; 78. Susan Monico, Florham Park, 28:37; 79. Natalie Bartner, Chatham, 28:41; 80. Larry Steinbarsea, Boonton, 28:42; 81. Shirley Ulrich, Chatham, 28:52; 82. Joe Monico,Florham Park, 29:15; 83. Daniel Wasky, Madison, 29:16; 84. Robert Wasky, Madison, 29:16; 85. Grant Hanson, Summit, 29:18; 86. Eliot Collins, Raritan, 29:20; 87. Bailey Link, Morristown 29:24. 88. Jan Akerblom, West Orange, 29:45; 89. Edward Yaw, Morristown, 29:46; 90. Sheree Collins, Morristown, 29:47; 91. Emily Ginder, Bloomfield, 29:59; 92. Tracie Gurnicz, Madison, 30:30; 94. Tracy Brown, Florham Park, 31:16; 95. Bonnie Nitkowski, Randolph, 31:35; 96. Cori Lardieri, West Caldwell, 31:49; 97. Lynda Lardieri, West Caldwell, 31:51; 98. Paul Rizzuto, Florham Park, 32:37; 100. Debbie Valrea, Scotch Plains, 33:20; 101. Schuyler Ryon, Summit, 33:56; 102. Madison Ryon, Summit, 33:56; 103. Nicole Steiner, Livingston, 34:13; 104. Mark Hiley, Florham Park, 34:33; 105. Dommic Lardieri, West Caldwell, 36:11; 106. Anthony Lardieri, West Caldwell, 36:15; 108. Arch Seamaus, Rockaway, 37:53; 109. Shirley Pettijohn, Chatham, 39:12 110. Helen Geller, Livingston, 41:29; 111. Diana Steiner, Livingston, 42:43; 112. Noreen McManus, Madison, 47:32; 113. Erin Ryan, Hackensack, 48:55; 114. Daniel Barron, Boonton, 48:56; 115. Paul Rosenberg, Morristown, 54:25

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