5K Run

Dougherty races to gold in Heart of the Highlands 5K

Published in Suburban Trends - 10/21/07

West Milford's Marty Dougherty paced a large contingent of local residents to the finish in the Inaugural Heart of the Highlands 5K Run on Saturday in West Milford. The 44-year old crossed the line second overall in the field of 126 runners who completed the 3.1-mile course, turning in a clocking of 18:12. It was the opening event for West Milford's Autumn Lights Festival and the proceeds from the event went to benefitthe Pequannock River Coalition, an environmental organization working in West Milford and 10 other communities across the northern Highlands region
Crystal Carlson of West Milford was the first distaff competitor among the 59 females in the event to cross the line as the 17-year old posted a clocking of 24:44.

Fastest to the finish in their age divisions were Bloomingdale's 70-year old Allen Simpson, Butler's 23-year old Crystal DiTommaso, Hewitt's 21-year old Corey Plavier and 59-year old Peggy Richko, Oak Ridge's 46-year old Maritza Ostlund, Ringwood's 38-year old Lara Slaman and 62-year old Ben Saaverda plus West Milford's 12-year old Megan Hess, 14-year old Jake Leary, 16-year old Daniel Reyes, 34-year old Catherine Clinton, 47-year old Louis Bruce, 52-year old Allen Grunthal and 52-year old Pat Smith.
Picking up runnerup awards were Bloomingdale's 65-year old Claire Simpson, Hewitt's 44-year old Steve Bryan, 50-year old Ellen Plavier, 59-year old Marge Mason and 65-year old William Ash, Highland Lakes' 34-year old Laurie Shaw, Newfoundland's 45-year old Laura Trento along with West Milford's 14-year old Lucas Lamp, 16-year old Andy Gallagher, 21-year old Allison Smith, 49-year old Christopher Gianetti and 57-year old Robert Nolan.
Finishing in third place were Hewitt's 41-year old Gina Marire Lugo, Highland Lakes' 33-year old Laurie Studley, Pompton Lakes' 37-year old Chip Warner, Ringwood's 29-year old Kate Vogel, 32-year old Adam Mason, 48-year old Luis Hernandez and 68-year old Bob Dittemer as well as West Milford's 13-year old Gavin Taylor, 17-year old Rich Clark and 17-year old Renee Michelson.

State Senator Robert Martin was on hand to start the race, assisted by West Milford Councilman Bob Nolan and the West Milford Chamber Singers. Senator Martin was an appropriate official for this "Heart of the Highlands" event as he was one of the co-sponsors of the Highlands Act; legislation that is doing so much to preserve the natural resources of this area. "Today we're here to enjoy the Highlands," said Senator Martin. "Clean air, autumn colors. This is what we've been working to protect."
Race directors Bev Puntolillo and Pequannock River Coalition Vice President Carl Richko, spent months preparing for the race and kept things running glass smooth. "Few realize the incredible amount of effort and expense that goes into these events," said Richko, "but we felt it was important to give this back to our citizens."
Major sponsors were businesses such as Eastern Propane, Re/Max Classic Group, Lakeland Bank, Columbia Bank, Ramsey Outdoor, Applebee's, East Coast Associates, Sneaker's Unlimited and Ramapo Insurance and generous individuals donors including Doug Williams, the Fischer Family, and Dr. Frank Russo, DDS.


Photos by Sal LaDuca


Inaugural Heart of the Highlands 5K Run

1. Marty Doherty, West Milford, 18:12; 2. Michael Yorey, Wayne, 18:20; 3. Mike Montalbano, Rutherford, 19:11; 4. Allen Grunthal, West Milford, 19:34; 5. Daniel Reyes, West Milford, 19:45; 6. Andy Gallagher, West Milford, 19:45; 7. Rich Clark, West Milford, 19:46; 8. Travis Leary, West Milford, 19:58; 9. Donald Kardos, Hoboken, 20:47; 10. Mike Rosone, West Milford, 21:02; 11. Jim Widmer, Parsippany, 21:05; 12. Chip Warner, Pompton Lakes, 21:15; 13. Jose Carbajal, Vernon, 21:21; 14. Bill O'Brien, Newfoundland, 21:59; 15. Adam Mason, Ringwood, 22:02; 16. Crystal Carlson, West Milford, 22:06; 17. Ed Hunter, Rockaway, 22:14; 18. Maritza Ostlund, Oak Ridge, 22:18; 20. Catherine Clinton, West Milford, 22:27; 22. Ben Saavedra, Ringwood, 22:47; 23. Louis Bruce, West Milford, 22:49; 24. Steve Bryan, Hewitt, 22:49; 25. Dylan Hess, West Milford, 22:57; 26. Roy Pittelko, Glenwood, 22:58; 27. William Ash, Hewitt, 22:59; 28. Roger Niebuhr, Vernon, 23:16; 29. Julie Gasparri, N/A, 23:20; 30. Christopher Gianetti, West Milford, 23:23; 31. Jed Blackowski, West Milford, 23:33; 32. Renee Michelson, West Milford, 23:36; 33. Mariola Cieloch, West Milford, 23:37; 34. Glenn Bachmann, Sparta, 23:46; 35. Luis Hernandez, Ringwood, 24:29; 36. Lara Slaman, Ringwood, 24:31; 37. Laurie Shaw, Highland Lakes, 24:31; 38. Steve Heerema, Hewitt, 24:52; 39. Jake Leary, West Milford, 24:52; 40. Ryan Heger, West Milford, 24:52; 41. Sean Tackaberry, West Milford, 24:5; 42. Lucas Lamp, West Milford, 24:53; 43. Scott Morris, Hewitt, 24:54; 44. Laura Trento, Newfoundland, 24:54; 45. Carl Chiarello, Hewitt, 25:00; 46. Amanda Neglia, Hewitt, 25:27; 47. Rebecca Pry, Hewitt, 25:28; 48. Jen Burke, West Orange, 25:29; 49. Jason Pine, Garwood, 25:48; 50. Peggy Richko, Hewitt, 25:54; 51. Bob Dittemer, Ringwood, 26:09; 52. Crystal DiTommaso, Butler, 26:21; 53. Ryan Maple, Saddle Brook, 26:27; 54. Laurie Studley, Highland Lakes, 26:55; 55. Helen Hill, Ringwood, 27:05; 56. John Miller, West Milford, 27:07; 57. David Rozene, Wyckoff, 27:18; 58. Robert Vanden Clock, Blairstown, 27:18; 59. Christi Maple, Saddle Brook, 27:19; 60. Pam Conlan, Sparta, 27:33; 61. Joann Beneat, Sparta, 27:43; 62. Maureen Klecha, Sparta, 27:48; 63. Sharon Cubelo, Hewitt, 27:56; 64. Robert Reyes, West Milford, 27:57; 66. Sharon Hong, Fair Lawn, 28:12; 67. Ray Adam, Moonachie, 28:14; 68. Andrew Valeric, West Milford, 28:20; 69. Stacey Gallagher, Sparta, 28:36; 70. Dennis Barker, Succasunna, 28:48; 71. Ceyda Erkal, West Milford, 28:49; 72. Kevin McConnell, Rockaway, 28:49; 73. Pietro Piccolo, Randolph, 28:58; 74. Sandy Faren, Oakland, 29:05; 75. Elaine Reyes, West Milford, 29:13; 76. Allison Smith, West Milford, 29:16; 77. Ginamarie Lugo, Hewitt, 29:17; 78. James Dykstra, Hewitt, 29:23; 79. Gavin Taylor, West Milford, 29:50; 80. Don Weise, West Milford, 29:50; 82. Robert Heinis, West Caldwell, 30:30; 83. Susan Rochlitz, Wanaque, 30:31; 84. Sam Pskawski, West Milford, 30:41; 85. Cathy Armstrong, Sparta, 30:42; 86. Rich Martin, Morris Plains, 30:47; 87. Shawn Pekrol, Hewitt, 30:51; 88. Dana Hess, West Milford, 31:05; 89. Marge Mason, Hewitt, 31:09; 92. Chuck Coronato, Wyckoff, 31:26; 93. David Hess, West Milford, 31:35; 94. David Benfield, Verona, 31:39; 95. Aditya Adarkan, Montclair, 31:40; 96. Dana Fening, Chatham, 32:02; 97. Craig Smith, West Milford, 32:27; 98. Robert Nolan, West Milford, 32:46; 99. Donna Ledingham, Sparta, 32:51; 100. Ann Bencivengo, Budd Lake, 32:58; 103. Magen Hess, West Milford, 33:31; 104. Krista Yuhas, West Milford, 33:47; 105. Bonnie Hinnigan, Pompton Plains, 35:00; 106. Kate Vogal, Ringwood, 35:25; 107. Mary Rose Kaplan, West Milford, 35:25; 108. Larisa Chagan, Fort Lee, 36:06; 111. Jim Hamilton, West Milford, 39:11; 112. Cathy Ulrichay, Blairstown, 39:31; 113. Dawn Verrinder, Rockaway, 40:31; 114. Jane VanEeuwen, Wayne, 40:33; 115. Sandy Marin, Hewitt, 41:33; 116. Pat Smith, West Milford, 42:23; 117. Ellen Plavier, Hewitt, 42:31; 118. Corey Plavier, Hewitt, 45:09; 119. Marie Gannoe, West Milford, 45:12; 120. Melissa Malec, West Milford, 45:27; 121. Daniel O'Dea. Hewitt, 45:32; 122. Susan O'Dea, Hewitt, 48:28; 123. Amy Miller, West Milford, 48:28; 124. Allen Simpson, Bloomingdale, 54:25; 125. Claire Simpson, Bloomingdale, 54:29; 126. Susan Ardan, West Milford, 54:31

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